Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Yes, we offer many manufactured homes that can be sited on foundations and/or basements.
    Please contact us if you would like some personal assistance.
  • Call us now for a free evaluation of your home.
  • Yes, absolutely! Call us now, and see how much we’ll give you.
  • Our staff are the experts when it comes to home delivery and setup options. They would be happy to sit down with you and walk you through the process from preparing the land and selecting a home to delivery and setup.
    Please contact us to set up an appointment in person or by phone.
  • It all depends on the model year – from 1994 to present, the Data Plate, which includes model, serial number, HUD number and assorted other information on the home, should be located in the master bedroom closet.1993 and prior, the Data Plate could have been placed on the master bath vanity door, a kitchen cabinet door, in the utility room, on the inside of the electrical cabinet or in the master bedroom closet. All models, however, will have the serial number stamped on the front header. This is the I-beam that runs across the width of the front of the home. It will be located on the left hand side of the header
    when standing in front of the home.
  • Browse our list of Suppliers in our Resources section. Listed there are several trusted sources for parts and supplies. If they don’t have it, they will probably be able to tell you where to get it.
  • The easiest way is to submit an online credit application. We are able to offer mortgage loans to many individuals with poor or even bad credit.
  • Yes, in some cases. We offer several Land/Home packages. Please contact us for our most recent list of Homes on Land for sale.
  • Home prices and set-up requirements vary greatly based on a number of factors – size of home, region of the country, local construction issues/regulations/materials, equipment needs, and design features, just to name a few. For price estimates, please contact us so we can gather information on the specifications that you require on purchasing a home.
  • Manufactured homes are built entirely in the factory under federal code administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which went into effect June 15, 1976, and has been upgraded numerous times. The code covers single- or multi-section homes and includes transport to the site and installation. Regulations include: design & construction, strength & durability, transportability, fire resistance, energy efficiency & quality. Manufactured homes are built on a chassis and delivered to a site on a several sets of axles; they are primarily intended to be affixed to a permanent foundation. Modular Homes are built to state, local or regional code where the home will be located.
    Because all of our homes are built in a factory, our manufacturer utilize labor saving techniques not practical for the average site builder. The factory environment also improves the flow of materials and reduces the amount of “lost time” or damaged materials that are common on site built construction sites. Our manufacturers are also able to purchase materials at a more favorable price than most contractors due to high volume. These savings are significant and are passed on to you in the form of affordable housing.
  • Please browse the many home models available in our manufacturers section of this website. For specific options for each home model, please contact us.
  • Most manufacturer’s warranties are for a period of one year from the original purchase date. The manufacturer that you purchase from can supply you with detailed information on all warranties available on the home of your choice.
  • Absolutely. We specialize in offering repossessed and foreclosed homes at unbelievable prices. Please browse homes for sale or contact
    us for a current listing of available homes in your area.
  • Yes. We recommend that you browse our directory of contractors and home repair specialists available in our Resources section.
  • Currently, we do not have a rental program in place for our homes.
  • We have many low down payment and financing options available. Please submit an online credit application. Once we receive your application we will contact you with specific payment options.
  • Yes. To see which home is best for
    you and which ones allow customization, please contact us. Our staff are the experts when it comes to design options as they have relationships with our manufacturers in your area.
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