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Everyone did a fantastic job

I want to thank you for my home from the Oregon City store. The ordering process was easy and smooth. Gary was fun to work with, and was very patient with all my changes. He always kept me updated on factory changes, and in the process. Tammy was excellent to work with, she always gave me updates on the arrival of the home and sequence of workers and their timeframe. Sean also did an excellent job in setting and improving my lot. I’m very happy with my home everyone did a fantastic job. Read more

Robert Heft Portland, OR

Thank you for your kindness

I wanted to express my gratitude and thankfulness for one of your employees, Kenny.

Last Sunday, I was met unexpectedly with a flat tire a block away at an intersection. I needed to find a safe place to roll in, and your parking lot was it! Embarrassed, but grateful for the ‘safe’ location – I used this to make my call to the roadside assistance people. While waiting, Kenny came out and checked on my 10-year old daughter and I several times – offering the indoor A/C, water bottles, and help as needed. I was appreciative, and took in a few water bottles, but didn’t want to inconvenience the business with my car issues. I waited in my car after contacting roadside.

Unfortunately, after an hour of waiting, the roadside people I contacted back said they had lost my information from earlier, and would have to start the process all over. This meant another 60-90 minutes of waiting. Kenny had mentioned he had experience and offered to help with the tire. Begrudging about the whole roadside company failure, I decided to take him up on it, as my daughter and I live back up in Everett, WA. It was a 7 hour drive ahead of us after the tire was fixed. The car was also 95 degrees hot.

Kenny fixed the tire – 30(+) minutes of crawling under the car in blazing hot weather, getting his hands dirty, and learning my vehicle’s quirks more than he probably cared to. The whole time he was kind and never complained.

Although I am not a customer of your homes nor intent to buy one anytime soon, I am a huge fan of great customer service, even when it comes in unexpected ways. If I ever have friends who need homes as you build or if in later life I decide to retire and live in Redmond, I will for sure be looking your business up. Thank you for your kindness in a unique situation. Kenny is a big hearted dude – and I hope he makes a ton of sales/money and sure appreciate if this is a reflection of his working style. Read more

Britton BigbyBothell WA

My dad is very happy

My father moved in to his new place on Monday, I just want to drop a thank you note for your patience and understanding of our difficult situation, for your help in getting this process to go very smoothly. My dad is very happy at the new place.

Also, yesterday, Mike Murphy was able to install a heat pump – at least a week ahead of schedule. We are very impressed with the quality of his work, professionalism of his crew, good advice, etc. What also is really nice is that he got a larger capacity unit for the price of a smaller one at his supplier and passed all the cost savings to us – only a few people would do that these days.

Thanks for excellent recommendation – the house is a lot more comfortable today, my dad is very happy.

Pavel Read more


never had the wonderful experience that we had with Tracy

We have sold two homes before and never had the wonderful experience that we had with Tracy! She is a rare gem — a keeper 😉
We enjoyed doing business with her from start to finish! So cheerful! So knowledgeable! And so much patience! Always smiling!

She said she would sell her home in the time frame that we have, and she did 🙂 always presented herself well and professional! Wish I had 10 more homes to sell because Tracy is awesome! I recommend her very highly to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home 😉

Thank you so much, Tracy Amary Ridgeway Read more

Tracy Amary RidgewayPortland, Oregon

Best Team in the world to work with!

If you think you are going to walk in, see what you like, and have it on your site in a couple weeks … Not going to happen. To have the home of your dreams takes planning, scheduling, replanning, choosing, financing, contractors, the factory, color schemes …

However, from the minute we walked in the front door at the Albany J and M Homes we were treated with respect and assistance. There was no hungry salesman pushing, just relaxed and focused on what we would like to see.

Marty Brown assisted us to secure financing. Leeland Stoddard fielded our million questions and need to come and measure or just look. He also took us on a factory tour where we got to see our home in progress. After delivery there wee issues as you would expect when your home travels to you. Marty worked hard between us and the factory to make sure we were happy with every detail of our home, experience, and purchase.

And, even after we were settled in, both Marty and Leeland contacted us just to make sure all was still well. Buying a home is not something anyone does lightly. If you are contemplating the purchase of a manufactured home I can not begin to tell you how heads above the rest the J and M team are to make your dreams come true. Thank you J and M Homes, Lloyd and Vicky Robbins Read more

Vicky RobbinsLebanon, Oregon

Kimberli and Mike walked us through every step of the process

I could not possibly say enough to describe how helpful and friendly Kimberli and Mike were to work with!

Our experience with the lender was frustrating, at best, but Kimberli and Mike walked us through every step of the process and remained on top of the lender to move things forward. If you are looking for a mobile home, J and M Homes and Kimberli are the best option! Read more

Deanna B.Lafayette, Oregon

When people visit our new home their first words almost always are “Wow!” and “Beautiful!”

Thank you for bringing to bear the collective creative talent of both J&M Homes and Golden-West to build us our Custom Modular Home.

The factory had some great interior designers (to whom I’m very grateful) and J&M Homes was a very responsive customer-focused team to work with.

I learned that I could trust them to do what they said they were going to do. My appraisal came in just like a stick-built home and I qualified for standard loans.

We got the custom home we wanted at a price that a conventional builder couldn’t come close to.

My advice to future home buyers would be this – make up your mind on what you want and then recognize quality and value when you see it. Read more

The BrumbaughsAlbany Oregon

Corey was absolutely great!

My wife and I would like to say that Corey did a wonderful job selling our mobile home. He did it amazingly fast and we so appreciated his work. We would recommend him to anyone.
Thank you Read more

Ed HockettSweet Home, Oregon

Very encouraging throughout the whole process

Hi Mike,
I just want to thank Mike and Kimberly for their outstanding customer service! The loan process did take some time. But through it all both, Mike and Kimberly were very encouraging throughout the whole process.

I would highly recommend both Mike and Kimberly to my friends and family. We made a lot of changes to the home and they worked with us with a lot of patience!.
Thanks again! Read more

Colleen Miles & Rich DuboisPortland

You, Danny, and Laurel were amazing to work

Howdy Mr. Mike, we hope things are good with you! I just want to let you know how happy and content we are in our beautiful new home! We did some landscaping today, worked our butts off, soaked in that glorious soaker tub, cooked some dinner, and now just waiting to watch the Giants game! Haha!

We’ve had so many compliments on this house, people are very impressed with the style and quality. One of these days we’ll stop by with some pictures of how incredible the outside is looking!

Anyhow, we hope you’e doing well and selling lots of homes! You, Danny, and Laurel were amazing to work with and we wish you all well!

Take care and we’ll pop in and say hi sometime!

(Go Giants!) Read more

Steve & Ardis SaboOregon City

Communicated Throughout the Entire Process

My name is Linda Sorensen and I’m writing this letter recommending Erik from J & M Homes to anyone looking for help in selling there manufactured home.

About a year ago Erik helped me buy a home in Canby and I had such a good experience with him during the entire process I called him to see if he’d help me sell it. As soon as I spoke with him about the details he came down to Canby and got it listed for me. I feel comfortable with Erik and trust his knowledge and experience and that’s why I called him.

Within a few weeks Erik had a buyer for the home and man was I glad. Paying space rent on a home I wasn’t in wasn’t fun. Throughout this stressful process Erik was there to help me with everything. He communicated throughout the entire process and when there was a tough decision to make I often looked to Erik to see what he thought.

Thanks to Erik the house is sold and I’m saving money. I appreciate all of Erik’s hard work and if I know of anyone who needs help either selling or wants to buy a manufactured home I will definitely give them Erik’s number.

Thanks, Read more

Linda SorensenCanby, Oregon

Impressed by Eriks Positive Attitude!

To whom it may concern:

My name is Crinda Gramza and my husband and I have a manufactured home in Royal Villa Mobile Home Park in Tigard. To make a long story short my husband found out this month that we had to pack up and move to Iowa on a job transfer. My initial thoughts were simply to give our home back to the park and move. We didn’t want to spend money on space rent without being here.

Well this is where Erik from J & M Homes comes into the picture. He called me up one day and I explained to him what our situation was and that we needed to sell the home by Feb 1st 2015 or we would just give it back to the park. He came out and looked at the house and said he’d give it his best shot and try and sell it before Feb 1st. I said, “Are you sure this isn’t a big waste of time?” He said No that he’d hate for us to loose the house and give it to the park and get nothing.

I was very impressed by his positive attitude and I truly felt like he was there to help. He constantly communicated with me and after the first 2 days he had someone who wanted to view the home. I was home at the time and the person loved my home. Erik walked her around showing her all the great things inside and out. As we were outside the women said, “I love it, I’ll take it”. I almost fell over when I heard her say that. Erik then sat our table helping the buyer fill out the park paperwork and walked her over to the office. Because she didn’t have all the paperwork Erik even came back to the office the next morning and supplied the park with everything they needed. He actually sold the house in 2 days.

Thanks so much Erik for all the work and time and believing in something I didn’t even think was possible. I would highly recommend J & M Homes and especially Erik if you need to sell your home or need help buying one.

I guess it wasn’t a waste of time!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much, Read more

Crinda GramzaTigard, Oregon

Not sure where to begin. We want to thank Jim Morgan, & John at Oregon City for all the months of excellent customer service. You can go there and select any number of beautiful homes from the lot OR, you can keep Jim hopping for months while you design and order your own beautiful dream house. Gone are the days of cookie cutter.

Jim will get pencil & paper and draw out your vision. We went with the highly, highly rated Golden West out of Albany. Duane and those folks out there were so attentive to detail! Everything from the design to the walk through at move in was done with professionalism and actual concern. You get what YOU want! All the set up and delivery people were top notch talent. Jim Morgan is busy (for a reason) but he has always returned our calls and texts. I believe we have a quality, custom home for a very reasonable price. I’d order again without hesitation. Read more

David Swanson & Mona Walker

Corey bent over backward

We met Corey Baron when we were trying to sell our home in Canby. He was wonderful and bent over backward to do what ever was needed to be done to sell our home and get us into a new one.Everyone there is very professional, friendly, and do their utmost to reach outside of the box to help. Would I use them again? Absolutely! Read more

Sharon KirkpatrickOregon City, Oregon

Gene Stood By Us the Whole Way Through

My wife and I could not thank Gene at the Redmond Office enough. We did not know how complicated the loan and construction cost was going to be. However Gene not only stood by us the whole way through our ordeal he became a very good friend and treated us like family. He looked out for us in every way and was patient with our situation. Thank you Gene for making this a dream come true for my wife and myself. I would recommend you and J and M Homes to any one looking for a new or used Manufactured home. Read more

Marty and LolaPrineville Oregon

Just too easy!

Jim and Molly,  Just wanted to let you know about the excellent service we received from Dawn Terry at the Woodland location. She helped with so many details including rotating rooms, personalizing bath and kitchen designs and pursuing any aspect we desired. She was prompt returning calls and one of the most pleasant people I have encountered in the industry (five previous home purchases, 3 of them Goldenwest).

Although she is not a salesperson (I think she would be terrific at it) she sold me. As soon as they arrange their financing my nephew and his new wife will be ready to order as we already have all the adjustments made and the finishes picked out , all without a salesperson. Just too easy. I hope you will take time to recognize what a great job she is doing. Read more

Ardie SteinWoodland, Wa

Highly Recommended!

We had a great experience with Erik as our salesman. He went beyond and above his schedule. We appreciate his patience with us and working with our schedule. It is so nice to have all your questions answered in a timely matter, and no sales pressure. I know if we need another home or trade up we will ask for Erik again.

Thanks again Erik! Read more

Mike and DebbieSandy, Oregon

Happy Mom

Wow, I’m glad the process is over!! The past 6 months felt like 10 years, never thought the finding and buying a house process would be so complicated.

Thankfully, Erik was in the passenger’s seat the whole time with us!! Very helpful, prompt, always returned our calls in a timely manner and answered all of our questions!!

Hands down would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a manufactured home!!
Thank you so much for your time spent with us we, greatly appreciate it!!

Thanks, Sarah & kids 🙂 Read more

SarahSandy, Oregon

Professional, Accommodating and a Pleasure

From the time I picked out my home to the very end, through all of the construction, J & M Homes along with their partners have been very professional, accommodating and a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend!

PS: Tell Danny I said “Hi” and that I miss our morning phone calls 😉 Read more

Tammy JeffriesRoseberg Wa

Make my wife happy then I’m happy!

J & M was ready and willing to listen to the customer, and strive for a win-win result. Everything was spot on. There was a little confusion on the windows so we needed to have those installed, and the followup was spot on. It’s all working good for us, and our heating bill went way down too! Read more

Dennis BoettcherSalem, OR

Highly Recommended

We felt you were the best company we dealt with, you answered all of our questions and were easy to work with. We bought our home in November of 2012, and the followup after the sale was great.

It’s been a year now and the couple little things that have come up you were very responsive after the sale.
The whole process want smoothly, and we’re very happy – five stars! Read more

Todd & Valerie AuneCanby, OR

Went above and beyond to make things go smooth…

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is regarding our manufactured home purchase and reference for Erik Lindholm of J & M Homes.

We wanted to share with you how our experience with Erik and J & M Homes. Anyone wanting to purchase a manufactured home needs to call them. Our particular situation was unique and we had very short time line in which we needed to purchase and get moved in. Erik was there for us through the entire process and went above and beyond to make things go smooth. He truly cared about us and our situation.

When I contacted Erik, he was the only manufactured home representatives who even returned my calls and helped us. The other companies I spoke with did not return my call for over 2 weeks. When I spoke with Erik the first time, he immediately started working on finding us a home. He contacted park managers he knew using all his resources to help us with this process.

Making things even more complicated, we were moving from California. He stayed in constant communication and advised us every step of the way. Erik kept us in the loop with what was going on and made arrangements around our scheduled visits to Portland.

The entire time we worked with Erik and J & M Homes we were always told exactly what would happen and never felt neglected. We would definitely recommend Erik Lindholm and J & M Homes to anyone looking to purchase a new or used manufactured home.

Thank you so much, Read more

Bill & TiffanyPortland, Oregon

I recognize good customer service when I receive it!

Hi John,

I spoke with you earlier today about the great conversation I had with Mr. Hills.

I’ve been in business development myself for 20 years so I believe I recognize good customer service when I receive it.

He was very professional, articulate, and sincere in his helping me understand your industry, and your company’s place in it.

At the same time, he was not the high pressure, typical “sales” person insisting that today, right now we need to make this happen.

Anyway John, I wanted you to know us represented your company very well, and I look forward to working with him in the weeks ahead.

Fell free to call me if you have any questions, as I am much better on the phone than typing.

Continued success, Read more

Dave GoleekeMcMinnville, Oregon

Happiest Manufactured Home Buyers EVER?

Dear Jim Morgan and J & M Homes,

Thank you so much for honoring all your promises beyond our expectations! You made what seemed to be quickly becoming just a dream, to the beginning of a life time of happiness in our “new cabin the woods”.

Jim and Janell, your customer service was way beyond any other we had ever experienced. All’s we can say is that “FATE” brought us to you and we are sooooo thankful for that.

After our acquaintance with you helping us buy our new manufactured home, we can only sign our thank you, one way……

Love and Friendship,
(PS – Here is our full story) Read more

Peter & TammyWhite Salmon, Washington

Another Satisfied Home Buyer

As I am getting settled in my home, I have had many many comments on the beautiful quality of my home. Is there any way you could send me a few business cards, so I could give people your direct information?

I love my home, it is beautiful. People are so impressed that I was able to customize it the way we did, with the nine foot ceilings, can lights, and moving walls for the master retreat, and of course the huge windows that everyone cant stop talking about. Every single change has proven to be an asset to my lifestyle.

Thank you for all you did. I tell everyone that tho I prefer to buy local, that the service and savings and value I got by going to Oregon was worth everything to me. Read more

Valerie DownsAumsville, Oregon

Another Happy Home Buyer

Gary, John, Jim, Coleen and every other member of J and M Homes staff:
I will never be able to find the proper words to express how I feel about my experience of buying a beautiful new home from J&M Homes.

Everyone I talked with treated me with respect. No one lied to me. Staff were excited with me. Staff kept me informed as to what was going on. No staff ever made me feel I was wasting their time.

After my previous experience with another company, this experience was truly a healing balm for me. I am truly enjoying and loving my new home. Still a WOW for me. I know I made the perfect choice in my home and place to buy it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Merry Christmas and a great 2011 to everyone. Read more

Joyce EricksonPortland, Oregon

Goldendale WA Satisfied Buyer

Dear J&M and Jim,

I would like to thank you all for your help in making the purchase and setup of my new lovely home to be as easy as it was.

I thought while I was working out of town for all of the setup would be a huge problem. Jim, you made it simple! I was kept in the loop and was able to make informed decisions from over 600 miles away.

But most of all, Jim, I appreciated you not trying to put me in to something I could not afford like the Clayton people tried. Your suggestions and Marlette’s willingness to redo a floor plan to accommodate my unique needs was a godsend.

I really cannot say enough good things about all of you!

Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!!! Read more

Sharon CarrGoldendale WA

Happy Marlette Owners in Lakeview

To everyone at J&M Homes, (Albany)
This is written with heartfelt thanks for everything you all have done to help us move into our new Marlette home. Our dream was 20 years in the making, and having such a great crew to make it come true is something that we will never forget.

Special thanks to Kathy, Marty, Colleen, and Charlie, (please forgive me if I’ve left anyone out) for giving a common year to some panicked moments; for recognizing our voice right away and handing us to the appropriate person for help; for going beyond boundary lines to find things out and make suggestions when needed; and the most important thing, patience. And thank you for understanding the need to move into the house early due to the wildfire.

Please accept with gratitude this DVD showing from start to finish of the house being set up. that could help other people to see and understand what is involved.

What a wild ride and great experience, again, thank you! Will keep in touch. Read more

Kevin & Molly RheaLakeview, OR

Excellent & Professional in Clackamas

My wife and I went shopping for a new double wide mobile home. We own some acreage in rural Clackamas County with several lots and since 1974 have purchased four homes. After months of looking, we settled on a Marlette floor plan. We checked out several dealers and ended up working with the folks at J&M Homes.

We wanted to make several major and some minor changes to the floor plan to take advantage of our view and make the home more to our liking. We worked primarily with Jim Morgan and Ann Powell. All the details were worked out with no fuss, no muss.

One of the conditions of the sale was the sale and removal of an existing home on the lot where we wanted to locate our new Marlette prior to placing the order for the new home. This too was accomplished in an expeditious manner.

Because of a pending major medical operation, the home had to be set up and ready to move into prior to the operation date. The schedule was tight, but the J&M staff worked diligently to make it happen, and we were able to move in with time to spare.

The set up crew did a fantastic job, and we would like to especially mention Chris, the finish man. The finish job was superb. He had to return a few times to handle several minor problems. He handled them all in an excellent professional manner.

This was by far the best experience of the four homes we have purchased over the years. We would heartily recommend J&M Homes to who ever may be looking for a great home along with an excellent sales and service staff. Read more

John & Marianne Van HuizenMolalla, Oregon


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