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Jeannette is absolutely awesome! She stayed on top of everything! She listened to what we wanted, and could comfortably afford. She worked with us through each stage. Read more

Alisa BloomRedmond, OR

Hang on to Debbie, she’s a gem. We love her like family

It’s a very nice home – only the 2nd one we have ever had, and the first manufactured home. We love the design, and modified it a bit to make it 4 feet longer so one of the bedrooms would have a bit bigger space, (the one the floor plan calls the ‘library’).

This also gave me a bigger dining area which is great, since our home of 29 years in Portland had no room for a dining table at all.

J&M homes, and in particular, Debbie Espinosa, were absolutely wonderful! It’s because of Debbie’s great personality, caring manner, and follow through on all the details and questions we had that we ended up buying from them. We can’t say enough good things about her!!!

The process of bringing our home down, putting it on the slab and joining it together was just about perfect. Lakeside is a very small town and it was like a carnival…all the neighbors came out to watch and enjoy the spectacle!’

We love this home. SO many people have stopped by to say “Yours is the most beautiful manufactured home in the entire city”. The people who put in the skirting said that, and honestly, over twenty others that I can remember say the same thing. It IS beautiful, with the siding that looks like cedar and the blue metal roof. Debbie suggested those details and she was so right. (Hang on to Debbie, she’s a gem. We love her like family). Read more

Chenaya StruttonLakeside, Oregon

Can’t imagine anything better

Eric was fabulous with the whole process! Very knowledgeable and helpful with every step of the way. His response time was excellent! Not to mention he was very friendly! Read more

Deborah ButcherRedmond, OR

Our sales agent was extremely helpful, very considerate, professional, and friendly. He worked with our contractor amazingly well with multiple issues. Mike, Jeanette and other salesmen in the office were extremely helpful. Was a delight working with this team they have excellent communication with contractors as well. Read more

Cheri SquierRedmond, OR

Earlier this year, Debbie Espinoza, from the J&M Holmes Oregon city location, received a letter from a couple for whom she’d helped find a new Clayton built home.

George Krieger, a professional contractor and his wife Joanne, purchased a Golden West home built at the Clayton Albany home-building facility in 2018, and they were so happy with the home they felt the need to reach out to Debbie and thank her. But how exactly did they and upper Jane M Holmes?

“As you can imagine, George did his research on the homes in the area. When we asked George why they chose Jane M Holmes he said that he:

“…looked at the quality of the homes and it was absolutely top-notch”.

That’s when they called Debbie, who the Krieger’s thought was very personable and were impressed with her knowledge of manufactured homes.

It didn’t take long for the Krieger’s to come to the home center where Debbie showed them numerous models with customizations since that’s what they were most interested in.

“We are able to sell more homes simply from listening to and taking the time to work with, the customers on home customizations” Debbie said.

Within the letter, the Krieger’s mentioned “there are so many ‘little things’ that are actually ‘big things’ to us, that make us so proud of our home.”

One small customization that George pointed out was how there was only one closet in the master bedroom, but Debbie was able to work with them to add an additional closet in the bathroom.

“It was extremely important to us because of the amount of stuff we have”, George explained. “It didn’t really impact the size of the bedroom either.”

Debbie’s ability to really listen to what the Krieger’s needed out of the home allowed her to work with the facility to customize their homes to their liking.

Because of her attention to detail and thoroughness, Debbie has raving fans that went out of their way to hand write her a thank you letter and who plan to send referrals her way.

Note: The content above originally appeared in the July Issue of the monthly print publication by Clayton Homes called Clayton HBG Insider, and has been used with permission

Read more

George & Joanne KriegerOregon City, OR


We were overall delighted with our home from J&M Homes. Everyone gave us there full attention when ever we came in to ask a question. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Read more

Ryan & Connie BennettRedmond, OR

I am so glad I found J & M Homes

One thing, J & M is in a convenient location so I stopped frequently. The staff was always happy and friendly. I spent time going through the models and I never felt hurried. After deciding on “the Walnut ” I would go sit in it just visualizing HOW I would want it and what changes I wanted to make

This time was very Important for me to make my decisions in peace. I love my house and Debbie was always helpful, patient and friendly.

Then the Brambaughs – Shawn and Billie and all the guys -really love chocolate chip cookies! It was fun to bake for them! They are such good and hard workers, NEVER left a mess and did good work.

I am so glad to be getting settled and am so thankful for my “nest”. I have gone “full circle” now as I raised my girls on this place and now I have come back to “pasture ” literally because my house is in the pasture and I love watching the horses and view of MT Hood every day! Read more

Janet FlowersOregon City, OR

The office girls ROCK!!!!!

I would defenately give all the crew and the girls in the office a 10+. Everyone bent over backwards to help me get moved in and small problems taken care of. The office girls ROCK!!!!! Also not to forget Alice the realtor. She too is the BEST!!! Read more

Randy AndersonOregon City, OR

Very Satisfactory

Our sales agent, Eric Stelzer, was great! He communicated regularly and followed up on any questions or issues needing resolved. He persisted in seeing the floor issues resolved when we were not getting results from the factory. He seemed to genuinely care about my parents and their well being in this move. We received the home way ahead of schedule. Read more

Traci VaughanAlbany

Overall great experience and we love our home!

Jim was always available when we had a question. He went out of his way to make sure we were happy with the choices we made and when it seemed that we would lose those choices, went to bat to make sure we had the home we wanted. He was also very patient with us when we changed our minds a couple times😁 Jeanette took over once the building process began and kept us up to date the whole way. Read more

Susan CooperRedmond, OR

Very Satisfied

Delivery was on time and setup went well. The entire buying process was better than our expectation. Will definitely recommend to others. Very satisfied with the quality of the home. Read more

Daniel DriscollRedmond, OR

Very Satisfactory

Thank you – we love our home and overall are very satisfied. Jim Steiner and Jeanette Sampson were great! Always a quick reply to a phone call or email. I really appreciated their efforts to move the process long. Read more

Russell RhodenRedmond, OR

You are the best!

Debbie; We have been in our home now since August, 2018. We are still working on ‘decorating’, but all the basics are in place. We are so happy with this home. So many things I could list, but wanted you to know that we are pleased and so comfortable in our beautiful new home.

Our experience with the purchase of our home was so enhanced by your guidance and patience. We are very grateful to you, and will always remember and hold you in highest regard for being such a pleasant part of the whole experience. You are the best!

All of the options and changes we requested were done. So many ‘little’ things, that are actually ‘big’ things to us make us so proud of our home. We have had many people come to visit. Thanksgiving and Christmas were busy.

We also had a birthday party here for my Mom, who turned 100. All our relatives and many friends, some from out of state, were in attendance. The house was so comfortable, even with over 45+ people here. Everyone absolutely loved our home.

They were so impressed that this was a ‘manufactured home’. I don’t think many of them realized how attractive and comfortable it could be! We made many converts!

I am sending some pictures. Wish you could be here so I could show you all the little things that are so special about our home. I am hoping not to ‘ever’ move again, but if we did, we know where to come and shop for a new home.

Thank you Debbie. Read more

George and Joanne KriegerOregon City, OR


From the first meeting with Jim and Mike to the closure they went above all expectations helping us with our needs in purchasing our home. Jeanette was also very helpful in the follow through. We are very satisfied and pleased in our new home. Thank You! Read more

Patt and Shirley AndersonRedmond, OR

Very Happy with our home

Dealing with Ken at J&M Homes was a very pleasant experience, no pressure, no hurry, just a all around relaxing deal. He took the to listen and acted on everything we said.

If we had to do it again, we will have no problem going with Ken at J&M Homes.

J&M homes went way above the call of duty. If you give them a time, they will get you into a home of your dreams. Read more

Mikel CrawfordAlbany, OR

Most Pleasant Buying Experience

I recently purchased a home from J & M in Oregon City. I had some pretty specific wishes for my home, but not a lot of space to make it happen. Sonya at the Oregon City office and the engineers at the corporate office bent over backward to custom design a home for me that had everything I wanted.

Throughout the entire process, Sonya was patient with my never-ending emails and phone calls and remained cheerful and helpful the very few times she didn’t have the answer to my question right at her fingertips, she followed up with someone who did.

Purchasing my home from Sonya was one of the easiest and most pleasant buying experiences I’ve ever had. Read more

Rebecca MarieOregon City, OR


Kathy Nix Gillette went above and beyond to make this a good and smooth experience. We appreciate her very much!!! Will definitely recommend to others. Read more

Shane & Rani CrenshawAlbany, OR

Very Happy!

From the first visit through the entire process Debbie was helpful! She was always quick to respond with answers to my questions and was helpful in choosing colors etc. I am very thankful I was able to work with her during my process. She was a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, and attentive. Really did a great job holding my hand through the entire process. I am very happy with my experience. Read more

Tammy BruschOregon City

Definitely Recommend

Kathy met with us a few times to make sure all of concerns and questions were answered and she explained everything to us very well. I would recommend my friends and family to Kathy to purchase a home. There’s nothing J & M could have done better. Read more

Mary WattsAlbany

Delightful, Very Satisfied

Kathy Nix is a delight to work with. Her constant communication is superior. She knows her product and is extremely helpful. I have bought several homes through her and as a park owner I appreciate her style of doing business. She is an asset to your company. Delighted with the overall purchase experience and will definitely recommend to others. Read more

Frank DaileyAlbany, OR

Really Smooth Process, Delighted

Marty and Lori were absolutely wonderful to work with throughout the intire process. They were always available and helpful, but most of all trustworthy. They did more than what was expected and seemed genuinely happy to do so.J&M works with great vendors and outside contractors as well so that site work, setup and even financing goes real smooth. Thank you J & M for our awesome new home!! Read more

Kale MillerAlbany, OR

Completely Satisfied

Ken kept in constant communication with us, and explained everything quite clearly to me. He was upfront and straightforward about what we could expect, and was willing to come out and let me in to the house on a couple of occasions while it was still being set. There’s nothing I can think of that they could have done better. Read more

Michelle BowenAlbany, OR

Delightful Purchase Experience

Our agent istened to us and tried to be sure we were getting what we wanted. I can’t fault anything that was done. Based on all the circumstances I think everything was handled well. Dealing with our expectations might not have always been easy. We did stop in repeatedly at the Oregon City location to look over the model that we based our home on. The people there were friendly and tried to be helpful. Definitely recommend to others.

  Read more

Gerald BroetjeAlbany, OR


Marty took over our purchase when our original sales person retired. The house is wonderful and we are enjoying it very much. Marty saw to all of the details and resolved everything to our satisfaction. He’s been a spot on person to deal with and a big asset to the company. He didn’t let one issue remain unresolved and always returned my phone calls and e-mails.

Marty called me yesterday to make sure we had been taken care of by All Pro and as usual, did his follow up. He’s a rare gem! Read more

Don and Rowena PriceAlbany, OR

Delight to work with

We have recently purchased a home from J&M and we had a wonderful experience. Leeland Stodder was a great sales representative. He explained everything very well and kept us in the loop with everything and still calls to check in on the home. If you are interested in buying a home, J&M is a very good company, ask for Leland. Read more

Ron mataMyrtle creek

Delightful Service

Leeland went out of his way to helping us solve the issue of getting rid of our old trailer! He went above and beyond! He also kept in close contact with us through the hole process!

Buying a new home is a very stressful event! J and M and specifically Leeland made the process an exciting experience! I’ll definitely recommend J & M Homes. Read more

Steve HughesAlbany, OR


Our agent was there to help me in everything, all I had to do is pick up the phone, and he was on it. They really were caring and wanted all there customers to be very happy and satisfied with the purchase, by following them through to completion, and then some. It makes me feel really good to know that, they’d come out to my new manufactured home and check on things making sure everything was done and done right for the customer!

I don’t think they could of done any better: nor any where else, they went above and abroad to make things as comfortable and secure with my purchase, like I said they were wonderful
through the whole purchase, they went over things twice or more if I needed to make me
happy and to be pleased with there service, and I was! Read more

Mary ShewAlbany, OR


Our agent kept us informed through the whole process. He was easy to talk to and very personable! We were very impressed with the delivery company called Some Assembly Required. We did not have any service issues and the delivery and installation were delightful. Read more

Steve and Terry ThomasAlbany, OR


Contact and response was frequent, and the process was streamlined. Professionalism was top-notch. The staff at the Albany location works as a cohesive unit and do an excellent job of sharing the status of customer progress among themselves. This allowed for calls and questions to be answered quickly and efficiently during staffed hours. Any site progress considerations that were required were expedited and given priority attention for a speedy resolve. I was on a first-name basis with their staff and was treated like family from day one. Thank you! Read more

Rob & Crystal ShawAlbany

Very Satisfactory

Our agent was always available and very willing to help. It was wonderful working with not only Eric, but Marty and Ann. I would recommend them in a heartbeat thank you for our Dream Home! I’ll definitely recommend J & M to other. Read more

Joe BeeksAlbany


Ken went out of his way to make sure everything was done correctly and to save time.
He was on top of everything, he was polite and patient when questions were asked.
He made sure we got what we wanted in the home. Read more

Kathy ParkinsonAlbany

Very Satisfactory

Everything. I could not have asked for a more available sales person. Ken always returned my calls in a very timely manner. He followed through when he said he would. He understood my “urgency” to get into my home. Read more

Cheryl BagbyAlbany

Very Satisfactory

Ken knew when I called that I was just starting the looking and getting information process and not sure we would even by a mfg. home. He called the park, found out all the information we would need to move in there and was very helpful. He also found a company that would make the loan to us as we needed a buy for or co-sign type of loan. He was always prompt returning our calls when he wasn’t available. He was very kind and patient with us, as i am sure we must have been a handful. The staff was always helpful and made the contract signing easy. Read more

Cheryl OwensAlbany

Very Satisfied!

Ken listened and then made suggestions and changes to make the home fit our needs and budget! He is a fantastic asset to the company!

We went to several outlets and Ken was the only one to take the time to listen! Other salesmen and women wanted to put us in a cookie cutter home!

He also found us a contractor on the coast who was able to help with the process!
Other companies just left us on our own to find a contractor. Read more

Glen & Sharon Weaver & RobinsonAlbany, OR


Eric Stetzler was extremely helpful and responsive to our calls. He showed up on site for the install and checked in with us consistently. He was very friendly, prompt and professional from beginning to end and a genuine person.
I would highly recommend Eric as the associate to work with. Read more

Jessica SteenkolkAlbany, OR


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