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Richard was very good at communicating with us, promptly answering any questions we had, and letting us know about updates.

Julie StarrMcMinnville, OR


Terry was responsive, which we appreciate. We are very happy with his work with us. We suggest others work with him to order their home. He’s both honest and knowledgeable.

Considering we ordered our home during Covid, we’re very happy with their service. We were especially happy with the help getting some of the service issues completed after J & M was paid and the house was complete. A service guy came out twice to make some repairs needed we hadn’t noticed at the time of the walk-through. He did an excellent job. We are very satisfied with this added service. Overall, all the crews that came to the house from the delivery to the final walk-through, were professional and pleasant. Thank you.

James KleinMcMinnville, OR

This has been an amazing dream for us and we’re very thankful for J&M homes and all they’ve done for us!

Shannon seriously made this experience stress free, even with this pandemic and shortages, she always assured me that things would be taken care of and they always were. Still waiting on some minor fixes but understanding about them being busy and short on supply. Shannon always gave updates without me having to call even though we weren’t her only customer to deal with. I can’t brag enough about how amazing she is and I’m constantly dropping her name as soon as someone mentions a manufactured home.

Alicia in the office is also someone who I honestly can’t thank enough. There are not enough words to express the gratitude we have for her also. She has moved mountains for us so we could get our family back into one healthy, well built dream home. Alicia is the behind the scenes and I hope she as well as Shannon get the recognition they deserve and more! Thank you guys so much for making our family whole again, it’s a wonderful feeling to have again.


Leigh McGrathWoodland, WA


Richard was great with communication throughout the process. He also went above and beyond to show us all our options virtually when we weren’t able to be there in person!

Thanks so much to Richard and Amy for helping us make our dream of becoming homeowners a reality! I had a lot of questions throughout the process and they were always so responsive and helpful!

Melissa ColemanMcMinnville, OR


Our sales agent did everything well. Richard is great and I will be buying from him again. The whole process was much better than expected.

Shorepines VillageMcMinnville, OR

J&M was great.

Richard was very helpful in always from start to finish with the purchase, with suggestions. Mike and Amy were very helpful when I had questions.

Paula KnolesMcMinnville, OR

They have exceeded my expectations!

Everyone involved has been the example of top-notch customer service and dedication that others should strive for. I am very grateful for this beautiful home and the process in getting everything done in a timely manner.

Casey FoxWoodland, OR

Everything went very well

Shannon was very helpful, especially during the ordering process. She made suggestions for add on’s that proved very beneficial once the home was onsite. We also appreciated her knowledge of the process and keeping us informed.

Alicia was very helpful in scheduling the delivery, set up and maintenance. She kept me informed throughout the process. Rick who performed the maintenance was very thorough and delightful to work with. We especially appreciated his professionalism.

Nora AllenWoodland, OR


Richard provided me with samples of all carpet, flooring, paint colors cabinet materials and colors, fixtures, and everything for me to choose from.

Thanks for such a helpful crew, Amy, Richard, and Michael!

Lawrence NelsonMcMinnville, OR


Alicia and Jeff have gone above and beyond when it came to the scheduling and helping us with the countless issues Golden West has created. Out of my whole experience of getting this house these two have made all the difference. There was a lot of issues that came up and Jeff and Alicia jumped in and did everything they could to fix it in a fast manor.

There was a issue that somehow my shower changed part way through to a plumb only even though I never okayed it and Jeff and Alicia have been amazing with that. I had a little heart attack when I saw I had no shower and within a short time a solution was made and calmed me down.

Caitlin MartinWoodland, OR

We are very happy with them

Jeff was a wonderful person to deal with, friendly, professional, and honest. Took every step he could to answer any questions and was always available to help us.

Alicia has been a delight to work with as well, always responds quickly to any questions or concerns and provides the information needed.

Would recommend J & M homes to anybody, also Jeff and Alicia. We looked at other dealers and decided J & M was the best to deal with.

Ronald JohnsonWoodland, OR

I would give them 10 out of 10 stars!

Richard showed us homes on the lot, answered our questions about the homes and explained the buying process. We went to several other dealers to look at homes. We came back to J&M Homes to buy. We were helped through the whole process by Richard and Mike. They kept us well informed every step of the way. They were very empathetic to our situation. We were still in shock from the Echo Mountain Wildfire that destroyed our home. Whenever I called Richard (probably too many times!) he would get answers for me and call back with helpful answers.

Amy Spencer, our Customer Service Representative was and is very responsive and helpful. Whenever I called or emailed her she was right on the problem and got back to me quickly. Let’s just say she was amazing. A definite 10! Thank you Amy, Richard and Mike for our new home.

Mary SmithMcMinnville, OR


Shannon walked me through everything from A to Z… very very knowledgeable very very professional and very helpful… I would not want any other agent to help me…. Could not have done it with out her!! She knows the mobile homes and she knows what would work and what wouldn’t work .. what would look good or. It…when someone like me it’s hard to visually see it…….

After delivery I dealt with Alicia and I cannot say enough good things about her, her ability to put her self in your place and really really care and really give a damn about what’s going on and getting things done in a speedy orderly manner….. I truly feel that I am blessed to have her help me in this and process to being able to be moving into our new home… Thank you Alicia… you are so appreciated

Suzy KingAlbany, OR

Very Satisfactory

Very friendly and helpful service. Will definitely recommend to others.

Charles PlummerMcMinnville, OR

Delightful Experience

Our agent made sure everything we ordered was done. The entire buying process was much better than our expectation. Will definitely recommend to others.

Theresa and William BaysingerMcMinnville, OR


Everyone was fantastic. Allyn and Alicia are the best! Will definitely recommend to a friend or family member.

Jennifer BunchWoodland, WA


Our sales agent kept in constant communication, through forest fire and Covid complications to keep me informed and to help with support.

J&M Homes have been excellent. Very helpful and professional. My sales agent is a “real people person” and it has been a joy to know him.

Janice EmeryMcMinnville, OR

We got a home!

Jeff was very patient with us. We were selling our home looking for property and we were looking for a specific type of home . He showed us everything on the lot some of them twice . He also would point out how we could customize things and very much listened to what we wanted and was able to lead us to the perfect home . It was one that was not on the lot but as soon as we saw the floor plans we knew it was our future home.

For us I feel like they were great and did everything right. They handled the pandemic well . It was easy to get appointments they worked with us over e-mail and phone calls.

We looked on line and spoke with several places while looking for the place we would be purchasing from . J and M homes in Woodland was the only one that seems to really care about having our business. They were very interested in our family life and our future plans so they could find a home that would truly line up for us. It felt like such a personal experience and we have such a nice feeling about our new home. The one thing that stands out so much to me in working with them is they were not afraid to disagree with us on things we wanted and were able to talk to us about why something else might work better in the long run .. Places we could save a little money and places where it was good to spend a little extra . It is the difference between buying a house and a home. We got a home!

Shelly MillerWoodland, WA

I appreciate the entire team and I would do it again in a heart beat.

Jeff went above and beyond. He was open and honest, a straight shooter and obviously has a ton of experience to back up his knowledge. For a first time home buyer and being single mom, Jeff was great to work with and there was no pressure. Shannon added features to my home that were a surprise and it was an amazing moment to see what she did. She sat with me as a single mom and could relate to my situation making the trips to the office with my 5 year old much easier. I was comfortable to tell Shannon my likes and dislikes and extreme dislikes with design and I think that says a lot about someone personality and character. I sent pictures along the adventure to Shannon because it was a true connection, it’s not just a sale to Shannon. Alicia who was in charge of scheduling delivery, installers, drywall, carpet and cleaning was great to work with. She was on top of updates as she received them, you never knew when she was having a stressful day even when she is juggling many different clients. Alicia was put in a trouble shooting spot on my home and she did a tremendous job to fix the hiccup between installers, city inspector, contractor and myself. She takes pride in her position on the team and it shines through bright. I appreciate the entire team and I would do it again in a heart beat.

I had an extremely difficult lender and I feel that Jeff and Shannon had to work extra hard on my sale. Jeff was skeptical that I would pull it all together and he was my own personal cheerleader, as well as Shannon, and that means the world to me. They have an amazing part in my story as well as Rick who did my interior drywall. He had to fix a part of the marriage line that should of been done by installation crew, but Rick did it no questions and got it done for inspector approval, it was amazing to see him step up and continue to be fantastic with all my questions.

Erin McGregorWoodland, WA


Debbie Espinoza was and ANGEL. Very Very Patient with the whole procees. It took us 2 years to complete this home purchase and Debbie was delightful each and every single time we talked to her.

The House was delivered today. We can’t thank you and John and the rest of the staff there enough. We are so glad this part is finally done. Been a real NAIL BITER DAY. We want to put this out there for the crew of BLUE HAUL Tho we got very frustrated at 3 cancellations, we can’t say enough GOOD THINGS about this team.THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ! Great group of gentlemen. Very Professional, Very Experienced. This was not an easy job site for placing the home where it was to go. BUT THEY DID IT, AND THEY DID IT WELL. CAN NOT THANK THEM ENOUGH. They were absolutely AWESOME AND AMAZING.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything again. JOHN, YER A PEACH ! I got really frustrated. I gave up more then once. But you never did.THANK YOU SO MUCH for that. DEBBIE and the rest of the office staffing, TOP NOTCH 100 % AMAZING . THANK YOU ALL FROM THE DEEPEST BOTTOM OF MY HEART..


Kenneth & Wreatha HuntOregon City, OR


My sales agent was very much in good communication with me on all issues, explaining things clearly, and scheduling followup service quickly and thoroughly. I have referred several people to J&M as a result of the excellent service from the company and quality of my new home.

Rosalyn NewhouseMcMinnville

Very Satisfactory


Kara McDermottWoodland, WA


Shannon has been great. Alicia has been a ROCK STAR about setting appointments, getting answers, above and beyond. Thank you, we were on a tight time line. My dad is pretty wheel chair bound and the old house was not working. This is heaven to them. Thank you to Alicia for working everyone in and getting the job done.

Darcie AkerillAlbany, OR

They were perfect.

Very professional. Very helpful. Complete knowledge of the product. Regardless of some negative reviews I read, they were the very best outstanding and delivered earlier than expected. They did everything they said they would do “excellent American people and Honest”-!!!!!!!

Gary GaultMcMinnville, OR

We love this home it really fits our life style

Shanon new the little ins and outs of our home plus what would be good upgrades and good standards we say what about this she would give us our options help pick the best solution.

Alicia was always ready and willing to help fix issues in the office.

I want to say the two drivers that brought our home in and put it where we wanted along with the two factory guys that show up with one half of the home were fabulous it was not a normal set I can not say enough about these guys
What a team!

Sam AmatoWoodland, WA

Highly Recommend

Alicia has exceptional listening skills. She really tries hard to understand her customers concerns. She’s super responsive and works hard to resolve problems. If she doesn’t have the answer immediately she says so honestly and then gets back with you when she finds it.

Alicia and Jeff understand when something is serious and they go the absolute extra mile to resolve it; uphill in a snowstorm. 🙂

Overall, this was a highly positive experience with a few minor bumps that were smoothed out. I would highly recommend J & M homes over all others in the area; we went to multiple dealers before J & M. We were ripped off by another dealer but ultimately ended up at J & M because of that bad experience. J&M Woodland is above all the rest in the Pacific Northwest in every facet from start to finish. They win out from making the deal, fine tuning the upgrades, customer service, communication, honesty, and integrity. They rise to the top.

Many thanks to Ed Lister, Alicia Ovall, Jeff Ellertson, and Perry the contractor who is a phenomenally awesome guy. Honorable mention to the highly skilled delivery team; we had a sketchy, tight, steep set replete with obstacles galore and the guys met the challenge with professional precision.

Carrie MartinWoodland, WA


Jeanette helped us a great deal. Wonderful customer service and really appreciated her help with our matter. People should know that J&M homes does follow their home sales with exceptional customer service. It’s important in today’s market.

Gary BridgesRedmond, OR

5 Stars to J & M Homes and their employees

My sales agent was very attentive to all my questions and, also, being available to get into the house. Also, to my change from carpet to wood floors I had no problems. He was punctual, cooperative and very knowledgeable about many questions I had. All employees were friendly and knowledgeable.

Sandra ButcherRedmond, OR


Mike and Kimberly went above and beyond to help me with every step. My situation was anything but ordinary or easy and it would not have happened if it had not been for all of their hard work and commitment. By the end, I think we all felt like a family!!

Susan FaulknerMcMinnville, OR


Jim and Jeanette are very nice and awesome to work with. They know what they are doing and get it done. Will definitely recommend to others.

Loren and Debbie MastenRedmond, OR

We love our home.

It was delivered as scheduled and had everything we ordered. It’s lovely!

Our sales agent communicated with us. Alicia, new to the industry, was extremely helpful and communicated well. She walked us through the entire delivery and setup procedures, checked on us often, and handled our service calls professionally and swiftly.

Rebecca BotkinsWoodland, WA

Just a big thank you.

Our sales agent kept us informed on building and delivery and setup and had very good communication thru the whole process.

We are all ready referring people. Those who stop to look at our home always want info as to where to go to order one.

Thank you again.

Jim and Carol ParkWoodland, WA


Allen helped us get financing as well as make all the selections to customize our home to our specifications.

Alicia has been on her toes getting all of the final paperwork done. She has also been great about keeping us updated on the process at the factory and getting our repairs taken care of. We were the first customer that Alicia had to help with the paperwork, she did a great job.

Sherry PaladeniWoodland, WA


Our adventure with J&M Homes in Woodland WA, started while living in Hawaii. We needed to move back to the mainland and an area we were familiar with. In January of 2019 we flew over and had a couple of weeks to make a life changing experience for us. This would be our last home. After getting thoroughly confused with trying to find a builder for a small 1000 plus square foot home, we had never considered a manufactured home. When checking out the internet market we were confused, we were about ready to give up. Then we ran across J&M Homes and customer reviews.

I visited with Jeff the business manager, with his vast experience in the market. He explained the differences between internet sales and dealer sales manufactures, construction and quality issues. He turned us over to Shannon, a miracle worker, to discus models, features, desired options, price and HVAC contractor. Our next question to her was who she would recommend for our building site preparation. She was right on. We have a fantastic relationship with them.

So back to Hawaii to prepare our home for sale and start that process. During this time Shannon helped us with questions without any pressure. With money in hand, at the end of August we started in earnest deciding on which model and preparing a option list. It was like Shannon could read our minds with suggestions. I was familiar with construction and her ideas helped us.

Then started the tedious work with our county building department and there permits. Jeff and Shannon worked with us through this extensive time frame. When we were getting in que at the factory, they had a rush order of 500 homes to build, plus COVID 19 restrictions. We finalized everything with Alicia and were on our way. Jeff contacted another factory that they work with and got us in their que. We had a home ready to ship in a short time. Their transportation and setting crew were the best, they worked magic getting it on our site. The whole experience and adventure was worth it.

Clair MumauWoodland, WA

Love our beautiful home

Debbie did a excellent job on explaining layouts and options. She listened to what layout we wanted, then took a floor plan, flipped and flopped it. Then stretched it out to make it larger. Worked so good that 2-3 buyers had there’s built before us. Definitely will recommend JandM to family and friends.

Joe KleinOregon City


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