Wholesale Manufactured Homes in Oregon & Washington

Jim Wilson, owner of J & M HomesI’m Jim Wilson and in 2000 I started J & M Homes because there were no other local dealers in our area that focused on providing inventory for manufactured home communities.

Now 14 years later, many of them as Oregon’s largest manufactured home dealer, four Oregon locations and one Washington location, we have found that communities need to fill empty spaces or replace homes once again.

We help park owners fill and maintain a full community.

Inventory is at an all time low with very few pre-owned homes available….. Demand is extremely high in communities for qualified families.

With this in mind we have now opened J & M Homes – Wholesale Division. This division will sell to any park owner homes at invoice cost. We will pass on to the purchaser the quantity buying discounts that we have already negotiated with the factory, thereby saving the park owners money, whether they purchase 1 home or 20. We are offering a variety of options for the park owners.

Due to our continuous improvement efforts we reserve the right to change standard features, prices, materials and specifications without notice or obligation.

J & M Homes has helped many park owners fill their communities with new homes & then sell the home for the community. We also have a preferred communities partner program.

We do all the work …. The Choice is yours’….

Invoice Pricing…. Your Choice….

J & M Homes will sell to Community Owners homes at invoice cost. As Oregons’ largest manufactured home dealer you, as a park owner will be able to take advantage of our buying power with the manufacturers. We have already negotiated the discounts. You choose the home and the options.

Project Management…. Your Choice….

J & M Homes will manage the entire project for the Community Owner for a small fee. With our experienced team we can make this a turnkey purchase for you.

List the Home….Your Choice….

J & M Homes will market the home for a flat fee if you wish. The J & M Homes staff has a combined total of over 100+ years experience in the manufactured home industry – in both new and pre-owned homes. J & M Homes will designate an experienced local representative to market the home. J & M Homes will make financing available to all qualified buyers. Colonial Home Loans, LLC, shares office space with J & M Homes therefore making all the clients needs easily met in a timely manner.

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Standard Features:


  • Unitized Construction
  • HUD Co
  • 20# Roof Load Std.
  • Thermal Zone #3
  • Wind Zone #1
  • Fire Extinguisher at kitchen sink
  • Insulation: Floor R22, Wall R11, Roof R30


  • I-Beam: 10” or 12” depending on model
  • Outriggers: 96″ spacing, recessed 10″ (aprox)
  • Crossmembers: 96″ spacing
  • Header (Front/Rear): Flush, not recessed
  • Axles: Spread (no equalizers) overslung mounted
  • Brake Axles: One, except where more are required by DOT
  • Hitch Beam: 8″ or 10″ depending on model
  • Hitch: Detachable


  • Joists: 2X6/ 19.2″ O/C
  • Carpet: Factory Select
  • Carpet Bar: None (Tuck and Staple at Marriage Line)
  • Pad: 5# rebond pad
  • Vinyl: Factory Select
  • Decking: 19/32 4X8 OSB T&G


  • Siding: LP Smart Panel
  • Exterior Wall Height: 8′ flat ceilings
  • Exterior Wall Construction: 2×4 16” O/C
  • All Copper Wiring


  • Front Door: 36″ Solid Exterior Door
  • Rear Door” 36″ Solid Exterior Door
  • Interior Doors: Factory Select
  • Windows: Vinyl Sized per primnt


  • Heat: Electir Furnace (Gas Optional)
  • Ductwork: Metal Duct
  • Thermostat: 8 wire

  • Design load: 20 psf live load
  • Shingles: 25 year
  • Trusses: 24″ O/C spacing
  • Sheathing 7/16″ OSB
  • Insulation: Blown Fiberglass
  • Ceiling: Textured
  • Attic Ventilation: Soffit vents (low) Ridge vent (high)


  • Water Heater: 30 Gallon Electric
  • Kitchen Sink: Stainless Steel Double Bowl
  • Faucets: Plastic
  • Master Bath: 60” Garden Tub ABS Plastic
  • Hall Bath: 60” ABS Plastic Tub


  • Electrical Panel: 200 amp
  • Exterior Recepts/Switches: (1) GFI with cover
  • Interior Recepts: White, self contained
  • AC: Conduit Only


  • Interior Wall Construction: 2X3 studs 24″ O/C
  • Marriage Wall: 2X3 studs 24″ O/C
  • Cabinets: MCF/24′ tall Overheads
  • Countertops: Laminate w/out backsplash
  • Walls: 1/2″ Sheet Rock T&T Finish t/o
  • Refer: Factory Select (18 CF Minimum)
  • Range: Factory Select (electric)
  • Range Hood: 30″, 100 CFM vent through sidewall
  • Window Treatments: Valence in Living areas

COLOR SCHEME – Factory Select


  • Dishwasher
  • 16′ Dormer
  • Gas Appliances w/ 100 amp panel box

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48 foot

52 foot



56 foot

66 foot

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