Blue Book Value Assessment of Manufactured Homes

The Blue Book essentially lists the most reasonable value of various commodities. In the case of manufactured homes, the Blue Book value is the most important value home buyers and owners can collect. It allows those who are interested in buying a manufactured home know what they should be expected to reasonably pay for a home and allows manufactured home owners know how much they can expect to get if they sell their home. In addition, the value helps determine what the worth of the home is for tax purposes.

How is this value determined?

Custom evaluations are primarily given to a particular manufactured home to appraise the approximate value. The list of factors considered during an evaluation include floor measurements, floor counts, the property and its various improvements, the current conditions of the structure, the materials used in the building of the structure, the home’s location, accessories involved in adorning the structure and any and all optional features.

The Kelley Blue Book does not offer any value for manufactured homes, but the NADA Blue Book does. If one goes to, a $20.00 fee will allow access to such figures, which many people are attempting to acquire even now. Average totals range from around $57,000.00 to $83,000.00, but each manufactured home will be different in value because of its particular uniqueness. That is why evaluations have to be made before purchasing and selling a manufactured home.

If you are interested in getting the value of your manufactured home, be sure to look at the NADA Blue Book guide. This can help you when selling to determine what your asking price should be and is helpful when buying to be sure you’re getting a good deal.