Four Trends In Todays Mobile Home Designs

Today’s mobile homes are nothing like the metal disasters of the past. In fact, some of today’s mobile home designs are beautiful and luxurious! If you’re in the market for a new or used mobile home, here are four trends you have to look forward to discovering along your search.


One of the most interesting trends in modern mobile home designs is the addition of a loft. A loft area is often added above the living space, allowing for an extra room of sorts. Most people use the loft area for a game room, extra guest space or for a den.


For those wishing to make their mobile home look like a traditional house, porches are now a big trend. A front porch allows homeowners to sit and enjoy their view. A back porch offers the perfect place to cook out or have guests over for a picnic.

Upgraded Master Suites

Master suites are important in any new house sale today. Thus, mobile home designers are choosing to upgrade their master suites as well. Some mobile homes today are equipped with larger master bedrooms, including bathrooms with separate showers and whirlpool tubs. Talk about luxury!


One reason many people steer clear of mobile homes is because they feel they aren’t as safe as traditional homes, in case of a storm or tornado. This is true for the mobile homes of the past. Today’s mobile homes are safer than ever and can even be built upon a concrete basement! Thus, homeowners can feel safe and secure knowing they have a haven to retreat to upon a brewing storm in their area.