Keys to Selling Your Manufactured Home

When you choose it’s time to sell your manufactured home, you might initially think about calling a Realtor. After all, real estate agents can certainly help you sell a traditional home or a manufactured home. But, working with a real estate agent might not be the most cost effective method open to you.

The simple truth is those people who are looking for a manufactured home rarely call real estate agents to see what they’ve listed. Instead, they look in the newspaper classifieds or even drive through various manufactured home communities to look for signs notifying them of a real estate. Of course, some look directly at dealerships as well.

When figuring out your listing details, think about your home’s age, the size of the home and any luxurious upgrades you’ve done to it. Often you might want to include furniture with the home because buyers often feel they are getting more for their money when extra items are contained in the sale, making your home sell much faster.

The seller or the dealer who is selling the used home has the right to choose whether personal items like furniture will be sold with the used manufactured home being sold. Sometimes sellers want to boost their home’s appeal by including the furniture in the sale and other times they would rather keep their belongings for their future move.

You don’t want to try to overprice your manufactured home just because you believe it is worth more than most people will pay. It’s smart to check out similar models so that you can gain some insight into what other people are receiving for that particular model. You also need to bear in mind the current condition of your manufactured home. For those who have kept it in top condition you will be able to sell it for a higher price than you would if you have let it run down.

Set the price properly and then get to work advertising your home. Online ad boards often charge reasonable prices for home ads but you should also advertise in your local newspaper and in other publications for the best exposure. If people don’t know your home is for sale, they won’t be able to even think about buying it!