Small Manufactured Homes Offer Simple and Elegant Accomodations

Despite what you might think, small manufactured homes are extremely popular. Their popularity is not only because they are cozy and pre-sectioned for quick on-site assembly, but also due to their considerably low and affordable prices.

If larger manufactured homes are cheaper than their counterparts in the traditional home market, one can only imagine how inexpensive these tiny homes are.

Their low prices might have to do with the fact that their designs are easier to draw up and the structures themselves easier to build. Where labor is minimal, so is the cost. The small manufactured homes are indeed special for a variety of viable reasons.

As a matter of fact, some manufactured housing companies specialize in small manufactured homes because they are easy to design and build. Additionally, because they are popular, the business is consistent.

Among the companies who deal in small manufactured housing, there are a few (like Cavco, Inc. and Nationwide) that employ the latest technology to enhance the quality of their homes, making them as convenient and comfortable as possible. Nationwide, for example, features solar powered homes that are not only comfortable, but eco-friendly as well. Their eco-cottages are very high-performance, which buyers are likely to find appealing.

Cavco’s interior design offers lofts, stair kits, extra windows and optional porch sets for customization from the get-go. The distinction about these small manufactured homes is they can be built according to the particular context in which they are to be placed, such as campgrounds or in wide open spaces. Where Nationwide emphasizes ‘green’ living, Cavco makes up for in style and individuality, which buyers also like.

Likewise, Tumblweed, Inc. boasts its individuality. Each of their models has its own style, its own theme, its own feel, and although every house is small, no two are the same size. In fact, some are only one room while others have three, yet all are just the right size for their respective occupants, so everybody is satisfied.

The Michigan-based Panel Concepts is simple in design and in construction because every home is structured with panels. This brings balance to the design and its appearance. Interestingly enough, this concept results in simplistic yet elegant accommodations that add to the surrounding environment, essentially enhancing the scene whatever it may be.