The 4 Types of Manufactured Homes

Many people will think back to rusty trailers of the seventies, when they hear the words manufactured home. Yet, in reality there are several types of manufactured homes.

Essentially, the term manufactured house describes housing that’s constructed in a controlled environment and sticks to federal guidelines before being transferred to a permanent location.

A few of the varieties of manufactured home varieties include mobile homes, modular residences, pre-cut residences and those which are panelized.

One of many manufactured home types is the modular home, which is built room by room and uses high quality materials. They will also be constructed using high quality materials that allow them to endure the move from the factory to the house site.

Inspectors in the factory make sure that every part of the house meets strict requirements, to adhere to any and all applicable standards for the property being built.

Once the parts reach the home site, the workforce puts them together on a slab foundation. Usually it will take two or three weeks to put the home together, including utility connections.

This is unlike a ground-up home, which may take 3 or 4 months to build. Numerous modular homes contain any windows, doors, paneling and paint already in place. So, once completed, the new homeowner can move right in.

Mobile homes is the expression used for properties built on a frame with tires attached that may be moved from place to place, depending on the desires of the property’s owner.

The term is not used for manufactured homes made after 1976, when government restrictions went into effect mandating technical specs for their design. When the added wheels are taken off and the house is placed on a permanent site they become eligible for home mortgages.

Those houses that are pre-cut or panelized are built one wall at a time, with windows and doors already mounted into the wall. When they arrive at the design site they are created by a competent construction crew, just like assembling a puzzle.

Pre-cut homes are also built in a factory in panels, the important difference being they frequently include specialty areas like dormers, log homes and various styles are available in kit form.

Significantly trendier than those during the past, today’s manufactured homes offer much more. They are made with higher quality materials and offer interesting exteriors, to fulfill the needs of a number of buyers.