The Latest in Upgrades for Manufactured Homes

Every year manufactured home companies release bigger and better upgrades for buyers to consider when they are customizing their new manufactured home. In fact, the industry doesn’t expect to see a very vast reduction in new innovative ideas and upgrades anytime soon. This is a great thing because with every upgrade and innovative idea brought into the manufactured home industry, manufactured homes edge closer and closer to traditional home quality and standards.

Among the new innovations available in manufactured home design are lofts, fireplaces, larger bathrooms, “green” materials and other supplies, and luxury upgrades that include indoor pools. These offer a challenge, but also an advantage for the owner to be creative.

Manufactured Home Upgrades: Lofts

One of the more modern recent upgrade possibilities to manufactured homes are the inclusion of the loft. Buyers can choose to add a loft to their home during the customization phase to give themselves more room for entertaining and living. Lofts have been used in traditional cottages, homes and cabins for many years now but just recently have hit the manufactured home industry in such a big way. They are an easy way to add a modern twist to a manufactured home and allow the buyer to get more space within the small area of a manufactured home.

Manufactured Home Fireplaces

If you love the idea of sitting by a warm fire during cold winter evenings, adding a fireplace to your manufactured home design is a great idea. Fireplaces can bring instant beauty to any manufactured home floor plan. They are lovely to look at but also are quite functional and can provide needed heat during cold months of the year. When a fireplace is added to a manufactured home, the home instantly increases in value, just as a traditional home would with the addition of a fireplace.

Bathroom Upgrades In Manufactured Homes

Bathrooms have also increased and are being offered as upgrades, not only in number but also in size. It’s not impossible now to have a bathroom with a bathtub, shower, toilet, a sink (or two) and even a sauna incorporated into the design. This is true of even the smallest manufactured homes.

Manufactured Homes With “Green” Materials

Manufactured home builders are now offering “green” upgrades for those who wish to buy a manufactured home but want it to be a very environmentally conscious purchase. The choice to use environmentally friendly items for construction such as siding and treated wood is making a huge difference in the way manufactured homes are being presented. Homeowners can help do their part to keep the Earth healthy and save in the long run on their energy bills, as well.

If you want your home to be set apart from the rest, strongly consider some of these luxury upgrades when going through the customization process of your home buying experience. Upgrades will add value to your home and make it easier to re-sell in the future, should the need arise.