The Top Five Manufactured Home Companies For 2008

The lists of manufactured home manufacturers and companies are enormous. They are in nearly every city and state in the nation. With the growing popularity of the quality and affordability of manufactured home it is easy to see why.

With such a wide array of companies to choose from, how do you know which business to choose? Thankfully the Associated Content web site, under the business and finance heading, has already thought of this and has prepared a list of the best of the best home manufacturers of 2008.

1. Clayton Homes
2. Ritz-Craft Corporation
3. Penn Lyon Homes Corporation
4. Stratford Homes
5. Westchester Modular Homes

The details for why these manufacturers are rated the best is the same for each of the five companies listed above. Each company provides affordable homes which are built from quality materials.

They also offer energy efficient features which uphold a standard that is surpasses the other manufacturers. By installing energy star appliances and performing quality performance in building these homes they are actually setting a higher home builders standard than most companies today.

By providing the above excellence along with numerous unique floor plans and housing style options these five companies are blowing away the competition. Each company offers a website that provides details of their quality housing options along with floor plans, model photos and more.

This creates a homebuyer experience that once again surpasses anything the competition can offer. Tied together with excellent customer service these companies are certain to place us in awe and have us wanting for more in 2009.