Choosing a Single or Double Wide Mobile Home

Construction standards for single and double wide mobile homes are similar. The main difference is the size. A single wide mobile home is perfect for a mature couple with no children in the home.

Conversely, it is an excellent option for those owning a plot of land for vacation use. Double wide mobile homes, on the other hand, are ideal for families or couples with an array of grand children who frequently come to visit.

This size is also perfect for residents who enjoy entertaining and frequently offer hospitality to friends and family members. Another reason to take another look at the double wide option is the amount of furnishings a family possesses.

When more furniture goes into the home, more room is required. Since double wide homes are so competitively priced, there is no reason to look to price as a reason for eschewing the double wide option and going for a single wide instead.

The other advantage of double wide mobile homes is the look and feel of the structure that is so much more like a standard home. This makes these mobile homes fit into various neighborhoods with ease.

A single wide home, on the other hand, is a bit of an oddity and will more than likely stand out. The connection between the two pieces that make up a double wide is virtually seamless, and once the home is joined it is going to be next to impossible to detect the area of connection with the naked eye.