Choosing Between New and Used Mobile Homes

Are you searching for a mobile home? If so, you may be wondering if it’s best for you to buy a new mobile home or a used mobile home.

However, you probably could be asking, is a used mobile home or a new mobile home “preferable”, instead of “better”.

Despite personal preference, quality does make a difference. When deciding between a new mobile home and a used one, consumers should do research on companies and evaluate new models. They should then conduct inspections on used mobile homes to determine their stability and condition.

Both new and used mobile homes bear advantages and disadvantages and the decision to purchase one should depend on the particular models and house involved in the overall assessment. After all, each home will be different than another.

What To Think About: New Mobile Homes Vs. Used Mobile Homes

* Price: If you are trying to cut costs, a used mobile home will be much less costly in the short run. Of course, some could argue that you might spend more in the long haul fixing small repairs a used mobile home might come along with, however.

* Manufacturers: When looking at a prospective home to buy, research the manufacturing company’s reputation. Do they have a questionable reputation or are they an industry leader? You won’t want to buy something made by someone who is not reputable.

* Is The Home In Good Condition: New mobile homes won’t require much of an inspection but if you are looking at a used mobile home you should defiantly have it professionally inspected. The inspector will look at all electric systems, the plumbing, the heating and the cooling, as well as other important components to ensure all is functional and safe for your use.

* Insurance Claims: You may not think about it, but looking for insurance claims regarding a used mobile home is a good idea. New mobile homes will not have any claims, as they are new. However, a used mobile home insurance report can tell you a lot about the home’s history and condition.

* Extended Warranties: Most new mobile homes will include a warranty (sometimes of a year or more) which will protect you from any manufacturer flaws or problems which might occur. However, when you’re looking at a used mobile home chances are there will be no included warrant. Of course, sometimes a warranty can be written into the contract of sale so be sure to ask about this if you’re going toward a used mobile home.

* Talk With The Experts: Before you officially decide whether a used mobile home or a new mobile homee is best for you, be sure to talk to as many experts as you can. Start with the homeowner’s of a used mobile home you’re considering or manufacturing reps for a new mobile home you like. Then talk with a HUD representative to get technical feedback or legal insight. Lastly, consult an inspector to see what they think about the used mobile homes and new mobile homes you’re considering. When you gather as much information as you can, you’ll be able to make the best decision for you.