Park Model Home Manufacturers

When you begin looking for a manufactured home you should make up your mind which model you are interested in buying first.

Each dealership handles specific manufacturers, so if you want a Skyline Homes model, you need to choose a retailer that carries those models. Do not make the assumption that every manufactured home retailer carries manufactured homes from all the park model home manufacturers.

After all, you wouldn’t go to a Ford dealership to buy a Chevrolet, at least not a new one. The same holds true for manufactured home retailers. They work with specific manufacturers, so you need to know what you plan to buy and shop accordingly.

Chariot Eagle West and Silvercrest are two other top names in manufactured homes. In order to choose the manufacturer that is right for your needs, you also want to remember that specific manufacturers have specific amenities they include with their manufactured homes.

For instance, not every manufacturer offers double or triple wide units and some manufacturers only offer a maximum of three bedrooms. These are things you need to consider before you begin shopping for a manufactured home.

One of the important things about all Park Model home manufacturers is the homes are designed for use in mobile home or manufactured home parks or courts.

This means you also need to know where you want to place the home in order to choose a model that will fit within those constraints. It isn’t enough to say you want to purchase a Skyline three bedroom 16×80 and plan to add a deck when you move into the home unless you know the specific park you are considering has accommodations for those dimensions.

Another thing to keep in mind is the difference in sizes over the years. In the 70s manufactured homes were smaller and 12×60 or 14×70 were common sizes.

As the interest in manufactured homes increased so did the overall dimensions. That means when you purchase a newer home you will have more space than an older home will allow. In addition, many manufactured home parks have restrictions that do not allow the placement of older homes.