Clair Mumau


Our adventure with J&M Homes in Woodland WA, started while living in Hawaii. We needed to move back to the mainland and an area we were familiar with. In January of 2019 we flew over and had a couple of weeks to make a life changing experience for us. This would be our last home. After getting thoroughly confused with trying to find a builder for a small 1000 plus square foot home, we had never considered a manufactured home. When checking out the internet market we were confused, we were about ready to give up. Then we ran across J&M Homes and customer reviews.

I visited with Jeff the business manager, with his vast experience in the market. He explained the differences between internet sales and dealer sales manufactures, construction and quality issues. He turned us over to Shannon, a miracle worker, to discus models, features, desired options, price and HVAC contractor. Our next question to her was who she would recommend for our building site preparation. She was right on. We have a fantastic relationship with them.

So back to Hawaii to prepare our home for sale and start that process. During this time Shannon helped us with questions without any pressure. With money in hand, at the end of August we started in earnest deciding on which model and preparing a option list. It was like Shannon could read our minds with suggestions. I was familiar with construction and her ideas helped us.

Then started the tedious work with our county building department and there permits. Jeff and Shannon worked with us through this extensive time frame. When we were getting in que at the factory, they had a rush order of 500 homes to build, plus COVID 19 restrictions. We finalized everything with Alicia and were on our way. Jeff contacted another factory that they work with and got us in their que. We had a home ready to ship in a short time. Their transportation and setting crew were the best, they worked magic getting it on our site. The whole experience and adventure was worth it.

Clair MumauWoodland, WA