Impressed by Eriks Positive Attitude!

To whom it may concern:

My name is Crinda Gramza and my husband and I have a manufactured home in Royal Villa Mobile Home Park in Tigard. To make a long story short my husband found out this month that we had to pack up and move to Iowa on a job transfer. My initial thoughts were simply to give our home back to the park and move. We didn’t want to spend money on space rent without being here.

Well this is where Erik from J & M Homes comes into the picture. He called me up one day and I explained to him what our situation was and that we needed to sell the home by Feb 1st 2015 or we would just give it back to the park. He came out and looked at the house and said he’d give it his best shot and try and sell it before Feb 1st. I said, “Are you sure this isn’t a big waste of time?” He said No that he’d hate for us to loose the house and give it to the park and get nothing.

I was very impressed by his positive attitude and I truly felt like he was there to help. He constantly communicated with me and after the first 2 days he had someone who wanted to view the home. I was home at the time and the person loved my home. Erik walked her around showing her all the great things inside and out. As we were outside the women said, “I love it, I’ll take it”. I almost fell over when I heard her say that. Erik then sat our table helping the buyer fill out the park paperwork and walked her over to the office. Because she didn’t have all the paperwork Erik even came back to the office the next morning and supplied the park with everything they needed. He actually sold the house in 2 days.

Thanks so much Erik for all the work and time and believing in something I didn’t even think was possible. I would highly recommend J & M Homes and especially Erik if you need to sell your home or need help buying one.

I guess it wasn’t a waste of time!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much,

Crinda GramzaTigard, Oregon