MUST READ! J&M Homes of Albany (J&M) is the BEST, where new home dreams happen, but most importantly, do come true!!

Our journey and “happily ever after ending” started many months ago preparing for our forever/retirement home, moving from CA to OR. After lots of online home searching and a few road trips, we were OMG to the continued up gouging costs for already built homes, again OMG! On a whim, we decided to pop into a random new manufactured home dealer, and found with the right land purchase, this was the way to go.

After the 5th manufactured home dealer of continued sales pitches and why we should buy from them and not others, we were ready for an adult drink (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere situation), but before doing so, we decided to go to 1 more for the day and it was J&M Homes of Albany. WOW and so THANKFUL we did! All in office graciously greeted us, no sales jargons, and by the time we left, we went from wanting an adult drink to forget about the day, to cheering/clinking to celebrate our decision to see 1 more dealer and for the selection/hold on our new Golden West Home from J&M. Not even with J&M being in OR and us still living in CA had any impact with communications, making décor home choices, e-signing documents to the delivery, setup, and completion of our home on property.

We even had County/City matters regarding property that caused continued delays from time we selected/signed hold documents to when we were finally cleared/permitted to build and J&M stayed right by us for the long haul, helping in any way they could, and when it was finally time, it was right before summer with many other new orders coming in, we thought we would be waiting even longer but NO, they knew how concerned/anxious we were, then WALLAH it was done before our Contractor was even ready for the home. They even stored our home on their dealer lot, at no cost, until the Contractor was finally ready. UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Note and thank you too, to Clayton Homes, who produces the homes under the GW brand names.

We want to especially THANK:

Leeland (Lee) Stoddard from J&M: From model shopping/walk-throughs, patiently answering lots of questions, handling our requested home changes, getting many updated factory lists and floor plans to choosing home décors; all was PERFECT, and he ALWAYS kept us updated and made sure all was going to plan/as stress free as possible. He would even call us on his days off if we had sent an email about anything or just to see how we were doing.

Jasmine Darcey from J&M: WOW, PERFECTION is what she is! From her extreme professionalism with what can be or become the most stressful, final reviews/approvals of all home selections, closure/contract documents to masterly answering/resolving all our before/after home delivery/items questions and repairs; THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for everything!! Especially for being instrumental in us getting everything/making sure we were always satisfied/happy with our new home. Example; we really wanted upgraded blinds, but we were at our budgeted limit and Jasmine/Marty Brown) made it happen/J&M graciously took care of the upgraded cost, again WOW/PERFECTION!

Robert & Dustin from Golden West Homes (GW): From start/after delivery services and repairs to final completion of our home, FANTASTIC! After final home walk-through, we had a list of minor fixes and cosmetic repair items. As soon as J&M (Jasmine) received our list a request was submitted (super-fast) to GW. From GREAT email tracking communications and lightning FAST dispatched response times to the completion of all listed items; superb quality work!

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND J&M Homes of Albany and Golden West Homes as your first stop/choice when deciding/shopping for a new manufactured home, should you want your happy ending too!

No, you didn’t earn a 10, you all earned 100+. From start to finish, all involved went above and beyond, earning our complete satisfaction, sincere thanks, gratitude, and true admiration, THANK YOU ALL!!!

Crystal LeydenAlbany, OR
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