Not sure where to begin. We want to thank Jim Morgan, & John at Oregon City for all the months of excellent customer service. You can go there and select any number of beautiful homes from the lot OR, you can keep Jim hopping for months while you design and order your own beautiful dream house. Gone are the days of cookie cutter.

Jim will get pencil & paper and draw out your vision. We went with the highly, highly rated Golden West out of Albany. Duane and those folks out there were so attentive to detail! Everything from the design to the walk through at move in was done with professionalism and actual concern. You get what YOU want! All the set up and delivery people were top notch talent. Jim Morgan is busy (for a reason) but he has always returned our calls and texts. I believe we have a quality, custom home for a very reasonable price. I’d order again without hesitation.

David Swanson & Mona Walker