“I believe a door has opened for the Warm Springs community”

On behalf of my son, Eric Langnese (a first time home owner) our experience with J&M homes was very positive. All of the staff were extremely professional in our experience with J&M Homes. I know they were having staffing shortages during and up until the end of our relationship. The staff were very courteous & helpful all along the way from the beginning to the end of my son’s home owning experience. I believe Jim & Mike were always sincere & wanted the best experience possible for my son. Believe me it is not always easy dealing with Tribal departments, getting to the completion of a job, here in Warm Springs. Even with the bumps along the way, I believe a door has opened for the Warm Springs community for a positive and meaningful relationship between J&M Homes & the Warm Springs people in the future. I hope our experience helped open that door. Good Housing here in Warm Springs is almost non existent. Thank you Jim & Mike. It was a pleasure working with you.

Elina LangneseWarm Springs, OR
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