George & Joanne Krieger

Earlier this year, Debbie Espinoza, from the J&M Holmes Oregon city location, received a letter from a couple for whom she’d helped find a new Clayton built home.

George Krieger, a professional contractor and his wife Joanne, purchased a Golden West home built at the Clayton Albany home-building facility in 2018, and they were so happy with the home they felt the need to reach out to Debbie and thank her. But how exactly did they and upper Jane M Holmes?

“As you can imagine, George did his research on the homes in the area. When we asked George why they chose Jane M Holmes he said that he:

“…looked at the quality of the homes and it was absolutely top-notch”.

That’s when they called Debbie, who the Krieger’s thought was very personable and were impressed with her knowledge of manufactured homes.

It didn’t take long for the Krieger’s to come to the home center where Debbie showed them numerous models with customizations since that’s what they were most interested in.

“We are able to sell more homes simply from listening to and taking the time to work with, the customers on home customizations” Debbie said.

Within the letter, the Krieger’s mentioned “there are so many ‘little things’ that are actually ‘big things’ to us, that make us so proud of our home.”

One small customization that George pointed out was how there was only one closet in the master bedroom, but Debbie was able to work with them to add an additional closet in the bathroom.

“It was extremely important to us because of the amount of stuff we have”, George explained. “It didn’t really impact the size of the bedroom either.”

Debbie’s ability to really listen to what the Krieger’s needed out of the home allowed her to work with the facility to customize their homes to their liking.

Because of her attention to detail and thoroughness, Debbie has raving fans that went out of their way to hand write her a thank you letter and who plan to send referrals her way.

Note: The content above originally appeared in the July Issue of the monthly print publication by Clayton Homes called Clayton HBG Insider, and has been used with permission

George & Joanne KriegerOregon City, OR