Janet Flowers

I am so glad I found J & M Homes

One thing, J & M is in a convenient location so I stopped frequently. The staff was always happy and friendly. I spent time going through the models and I never felt hurried. After deciding on “the Walnut ” I would go sit in it just visualizing HOW I would want it and what changes I wanted to make

This time was very Important for me to make my decisions in peace. I love my house and Debbie was always helpful, patient and friendly.

Then the Brambaughs – Shawn and Billie and all the guys -really love chocolate chip cookies! It was fun to bake for them! They are such good and hard workers, NEVER left a mess and did good work.

I am so glad to be getting settled and am so thankful for my “nest”. I have gone “full circle” now as I raised my girls on this place and now I have come back to “pasture ” literally because my house is in the pasture and I love watching the horses and view of MT Hood every day!

Janet FlowersOregon City, OR