Happy Marlette Owners in Lakeview

To everyone at J&M Homes, (Albany)
This is written with heartfelt thanks for everything you all have done to help us move into our new Marlette home. Our dream was 20 years in the making, and having such a great crew to make it come true is something that we will never forget.

Special thanks to Kathy, Marty, Colleen, and Charlie, (please forgive me if I’ve left anyone out) for giving a common year to some panicked moments; for recognizing our voice right away and handing us to the appropriate person for help; for going beyond boundary lines to find things out and make suggestions when needed; and the most important thing, patience. And thank you for understanding the need to move into the house early due to the wildfire.

Please accept with gratitude this DVD showing from start to finish of the house being set up. that could help other people to see and understand what is involved.

What a wild ride and great experience, again, thank you! Will keep in touch.

Kevin & Molly RheaLakeview, OR
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