We have already, and will continue to recommend everyone who is looking…

We would like to thank J and M Homes for helping our little dream in the country come true. Although we had some bumps in the road, and another baby, during the process the end result was more than we imagined it could be.

Leland Stoddard is one of the most amazing salesmen we have had the pleasure of working with. He was very prompt, courteous, professional and personable. If he didn’t have the answer he made sure to find someone who did. He was also very good with us while we were going through the nonsense with the bank. We researched and went to pretty much every manufactured house place you can think of in Oregon and Lee was the only salesman we dealt with where we didn’t feel like a sales goal he needed to reach. We were more than happy to pay more for a home going through J and M knowing that once the house was on site we would still be taken care of if there were issues.

Marty, Lori and the rest of the crew at the showroom were all also very professional and courteous to us while helping us deal with the few hiccups we encountered. They all had no qualms with contacting the bank on our behalf, or going above and beyond to make sure we were getting what we wanted, and that things were being accomplished in a timely manner (still can’t believe how fast set up went once the house was on the property). Any issues or misunderstandings we have had they have all been very quick to correct or explain to us in a way that made sense for the situation.

We would also like to give a very special shout out to the engineering crew at the factory. Dwayne, Heather and everyone else were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They helped us with upgrades on our house that have really pulled it together into exactly what we were wanting. Everyone who has come to see the home still raves about our huge kitchen window and the build out that was done to fit the freezer next to the refrigerator.

It ended up taking almost two years from the time we contacted Lee (March 2016) for us to be in our home (December 10, 2017). We are self-employed, and own commercial fishing boats so getting financing was a little bit of a headache. We initially attempted to go through a local bank and after six months of back and forth were told we would not be able to get the loan at the time. Lee was there every step of the way, calling to check in once a week and always having something to me same day, if possible, if I needed it for the bank.

We hit a little lull after this while waiting for the next year to come so we could give the financing another go. During this time Lee was amazing about keeping in contact with us, even if it was just a quick hi how are you and the kids doing. Once it came time for us to try again I asked for a recommendation on a bank we should work with due to lack of them in our local area. Lee pointed me in the direction of 1st Security Bank and although it took a little longer than we had anticipated, our loan was funded and closed. Whenever I was having an issue with something with the bank Lee, Marty and Lori were just a phone call away, and once they were contacted things were set straight.

After our loan was closed and we were able to put the actual house order in it turned out that due to the timing of everything the house being put together was not going to take the 8-10 weeks we had planned on, but more like 4-5 months. We were very concerned about this since that meant the house would be coming during the winter and on the coast we get some doozies for storms. Lee, Marty and the group at the factory did, we feel everything in their power to help us get the house here in way less time than we were thinking it would end up being. They could’ve just told us it is what it is and deal with it, but instead they chose to try and help us get it here sooner.

Once the house was on our property the crews that needed to come to do closing, interior, etc… were here so quick and did everything so efficiently that we almost feel as if we blinked and it was done. We were hoping to be able to do our first Christmas in the new house and that ended up being a reality. After the crews were finished we had a few issues with electrical and cupboards, but Marty and Lee were right on top of it. They made sure we were in touch with the correct people and it was taken care of in a timely manner.

We have enjoyed finally being in a house that we can call home. Our children are enjoying all the extra room they have to run around when it’s raining outside, and we enjoy having something beautiful to look at when we’ve hit the end of a very long day. We have already, and will continue to recommend everyone who is looking to have a manufactured house set up to contact Lee and the group of amazing people at J and M.

Thank you so much,

Sean, Samantha, Nicholas, Claire and Christopher RobertsAlbany, Oregon
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