Shelly Miller

We got a home!

Jeff was very patient with us. We were selling our home looking for property and we were looking for a specific type of home . He showed us everything on the lot some of them twice . He also would point out how we could customize things and very much listened to what we wanted and was able to lead us to the perfect home . It was one that was not on the lot but as soon as we saw the floor plans we knew it was our future home.

For us I feel like they were great and did everything right. They handled the pandemic well . It was easy to get appointments they worked with us over e-mail and phone calls.

We looked on line and spoke with several places while looking for the place we would be purchasing from . J and M homes in Woodland was the only one that seems to really care about having our business. They were very interested in our family life and our future plans so they could find a home that would truly line up for us. It felt like such a personal experience and we have such a nice feeling about our new home. The one thing that stands out so much to me in working with them is they were not afraid to disagree with us on things we wanted and were able to talk to us about why something else might work better in the long run .. Places we could save a little money and places where it was good to spend a little extra . It is the difference between buying a house and a home. We got a home!

Shelly MillerWoodland, WA