You, Danny, and Laurel were amazing to work

Howdy Mr. Mike, we hope things are good with you! I just want to let you know how happy and content we are in our beautiful new home! We did some landscaping today, worked our butts off, soaked in that glorious soaker tub, cooked some dinner, and now just waiting to watch the Giants game! Haha!

We’ve had so many compliments on this house, people are very impressed with the style and quality. One of these days we’ll stop by with some pictures of how incredible the outside is looking!

Anyhow, we hope you’e doing well and selling lots of homes! You, Danny, and Laurel were amazing to work with and we wish you all well!

Take care and we’ll pop in and say hi sometime!

(Go Giants!)

Steve & Ardis SaboOregon City
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