Thank you for your kindness

I wanted to express my gratitude and thankfulness for one of your employees, Kenny.

Last Sunday, I was met unexpectedly with a flat tire a block away at an intersection. I needed to find a safe place to roll in, and your parking lot was it! Embarrassed, but grateful for the ‘safe’ location – I used this to make my call to the roadside assistance people. While waiting, Kenny came out and checked on my 10-year old daughter and I several times – offering the indoor A/C, water bottles, and help as needed. I was appreciative, and took in a few water bottles, but didn’t want to inconvenience the business with my car issues. I waited in my car after contacting roadside.

Unfortunately, after an hour of waiting, the roadside people I contacted back said they had lost my information from earlier, and would have to start the process all over. This meant another 60-90 minutes of waiting. Kenny had mentioned he had experience and offered to help with the tire. Begrudging about the whole roadside company failure, I decided to take him up on it, as my daughter and I live back up in Everett, WA. It was a 7 hour drive ahead of us after the tire was fixed. The car was also 95 degrees hot.

Kenny fixed the tire – 30(+) minutes of crawling under the car in blazing hot weather, getting his hands dirty, and learning my vehicle’s quirks more than he probably cared to. The whole time he was kind and never complained.

Although I am not a customer of your homes nor intent to buy one anytime soon, I am a huge fan of great customer service, even when it comes in unexpected ways. If I ever have friends who need homes as you build or if in later life I decide to retire and live in Redmond, I will for sure be looking your business up. Thank you for your kindness in a unique situation. Kenny is a big hearted dude – and I hope he makes a ton of sales/money and sure appreciate if this is a reflection of his working style.

Britton BigbyBothell WA
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