Carrie Martin

Highly Recommend

Alicia has exceptional listening skills. She really tries hard to understand her customers concerns. She’s super responsive and works hard to resolve problems. If she doesn’t have the answer immediately she says so honestly and then gets back with you when she finds it.

Alicia and Jeff understand when something is serious and they go the absolute extra mile to resolve it; uphill in a snowstorm. 🙂

Overall, this was a highly positive experience with a few minor bumps that were smoothed out. I would highly recommend J & M homes over all others in the area; we went to multiple dealers before J & M. We were ripped off by another dealer but ultimately ended up at J & M because of that bad experience. J&M Woodland is above all the rest in the Pacific Northwest in every facet from start to finish. They win out from making the deal, fine tuning the upgrades, customer service, communication, honesty, and integrity. They rise to the top.

Many thanks to Ed Lister, Alicia Ovall, Jeff Ellertson, and Perry the contractor who is a phenomenally awesome guy. Honorable mention to the highly skilled delivery team; we had a sketchy, tight, steep set replete with obstacles galore and the guys met the challenge with professional precision.

Carrie MartinWoodland, WA